Posted by: uawcc | March 17, 2008

Take action against the “Unborn Victims of Crime Act”, Bill C-484!

Make sure Canadian politicians hear your voice about women’s rights!

The University of Alberta Women’s Centre Collective wants to generate a large opposition to Bill C-484 in the Canadian government. We need your voice and letters to achieve this goal!

This is an effective 3-minute action.


The “Unborn Victims of Crime Act” has passed its second reading in the House of Commons. This bill introduces the idea of “fetal rights,” allowing charges to be laid in the “death of an unborn child”. First, this bill conflicts with women’s guaranteed rights
and equality under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, where the woman and her fetus are considered “physically one” person under the law
. In addition, the Criminal Code gives legal status and rights to a person only after they are born. Therefore, with the passing of Bill C-484 and the legal status of a fetus, how can abortion be exempt from the law (as stated in Section 7)?

As seen in the United States with a similar law to Bill C-484, the government could charge a woman for self-abortion or engaging in harmful behaviours, situations and environments that endanger the fetus.

Bill C-484 does nothing to prevent the cause of domestic violence; it does not protect women. Rather, it is a step back for a woman’s reproductive rights! Instead of this bill, we need better measures to reduce violence against pregnant women. Besides, “fetal homicide” laws in the U.S. have done nothing to reduce the high rates of domestic violence against pregnant women (or fetuses).

How to Take Action?

We feel that any participation you put into this action will have a great impact on the next reading of Bill C-484. Please take the time to look through the ways you can take action:

Contact your Member of Parliament, and express your concern for the bill. To locate the email address and phone number of your MP, visit this governmental website.

Use the sample letter provided and the information above to help you write a letter to your MP. Remember, the more personalized your letter is, the more effective it will be. Visit this website to view an informative letter.

Also, the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada generated a very useful and informative list of counterarguments. If you are interested, visit

Sign a petition against Bill C-484 on the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada website:

The list below contains all of the Liberals voted in favour of the bill, as well as the MPs that did not show up to vote. It may be crucial to make these individuals aware of your knowledge and concerns regarding domestic violence and women’s rights; they are our hopeful candidates who could put an end to the bill. Please include these emails and names in your list to contact:

Liberal Supporters of the Bill

Absent Liberals

Raymond Bonin:
John Cannis:
Hon. Raymond Chan: Hon. Roy Cullen: Sukh Dhaliwal:
Hon. Albina Guarnieri:
Hon. Charles Hubbard:
Hon. Jim Karygiannis:
Derek Lee:
Hon. Lawrence MacAulay:
Hon. Gurbax Malhi: Hon. John McKay:
Hon. Joe McGuire: Hon. Dan McTeague:
Hon. Shawn Massimo Pacetti: Francis Scarpaleggia:
Hon. Raymond Simard:
Lloyd St. Amand: Paul Steckle:
Paul Szabo:
Hon. Robert Thibault:
Alan Tonks:
Roger Valley:
Tom Wappel:
Borys Wrzesnewskyj:

Hon. Stephen Dion: Bryon Wilfert:
Hon. Joe Volpe:
Paul Martin:
Nancy Karetak-Lindell:
Belinda Stronach:
Hon. Mark Eyking:
Ujjal Dosanjh:
Denis Coderre:
Gerry Byrne:


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