Posted by: uawcc | October 19, 2009

Hey all,

We’re very sorry! We never posted the October 6th meeting minutes. Here they (finally) are:

October 6th 2009 Meeting Minutes

Our next meeting will be Tuesday October 20th in 420 SUB. At 3:30 we’ll be discussing fundraising. Bring ideas for fundraising, and quotes or logos for shirts! At 4:30 we’ll start on the regular meeting stuff including November events planning. If you hae something you want to plan, or even a vague idea of something we should do, please share! 🙂
As always, newcomers are definitely welcome as are parents with children (or, we can reimburse you for childcare during the meeting.)

For those who can’t make it, minutes will be posted semi-promptly this time!

Other reminders:
-Feminist Zine submissions on the topic of Domestic Violence are due to Erin at by noon on Thursday, October 22nd.
-UAWCC sex toy party (like a tupperware party but way better)! Its Saturday October 24th at 7 pm. If you’re interested, give us a shout at  You need to RSVP ahead of time and spots are filling up fast!


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