Posted by: uawcc | November 16, 2009

PSSST OFF! POETRY JAM – Wednesday, Nov. 18

“Psst Off!” is an awareness raising poetry jam that aims to:

1. Create a non-judgmental, open and artistic environment where all people (men, women, transgendered) can feel comfortable to share their voice about sexualized violence with other people.
2. Increase awareness on the prevalence of sexual assault and violence against women.
3. Dissolve myths regarding sexual assault and expose victim blaming “tips”.
4. Bring into account the gendered, racialized and systemic structure of rape and violence.
5. Elicit rage and anger regarding this issue of sexualized violence.
6. Channel that anger into feminist activism that you all can take home and actually utilize!

The poetry jam will be held on November 18th at Remedy Cafe on 8631 – 109 Street NW at 7:00pm and will run until 10:00pm or until our throats minds and voices are cleared out!

If you are a poet, a writer, a singer, a story teller, a spoken word artist, a rap/hip-hop artist, or someone who just wants to share something regarding sexual violence and this f***ed up patriarchal world, then this is the place to be! If you know someone that you think would be a great contributor to this event then let them know! This event is open to all people who want to spread the word and get people moving, learning, and doing something about this serious and prevalent problem of sexual violence.

Send your name, a brief description of your piece or pieces (you can contribute as many as you like) and how long your piece(s) of work will be to pchohan0503 at and be a part of the Anti-Rape Movement! We will fit everyone into a schedule and post that schedule on the event. Last Day to send me an email is Tuesday, November 17th at 8:00pm. There will also be open mic slots where people can just come up and share a piece if you didn’t get a chance to send me an email!

There is no cost to this event. It is free with one exception: You cannot come alone! The “cost” to this event is to bring someone, anyone, that you think will appreciate or will benefit from this awareness raising event. We won’t really exclude you if you can’t find someone, but it would be really awesome if you do as this is an awareness event!

Also with winter (hopefully) coming around, the ladies at the Women’s Emergency Accommodation Centre and other Shelters in Edmonton really need your help. If possible, take the time to bring some socks, gloves, mittens, pyjamas, and slippers that we will be donating to one of the shelters after the event. We will have a donation box at the event so take the time to help someone stay a bit warmer this winter!

So basically my friends:

Bring a Friend. Show Support. Get Involved. Get Psst Off. Speak Against he prevalent issue of sexualized violence that is affecting the people in our lives all around us.

(PS: RSVP to this event on Facebook!)



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