Posted by: uawcc | January 26, 2011

Interesting Upcoming Events!!

Hey Everyone! Hope you are able to enjoy the warmer (though slippery!) weather!

Below are some interesting events taking place on campus in the coming weeks. Check them out!

JOURNALISTS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS (jhr) is an international Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to stopping human rights abuses by increasing the quality and quantity of human rights media in order to pressure abusers to stop, and empower victims to fight back. jhr is about creating dialogue on important issues, which propels individuals, governments, and civil society towards positive social change. jhr gives you the chance to help improve the world, whether though journalism, fundraising events, awareness events, human rights training, or overseas projects. You do not need to be a journalist to be involved!

January 27: MOVIE NIGHT! Hotel Rwanda and ensuing discussion with Dr. Laura Shanner. 6pm, Tory Breezeway 2 (TBW 2). Concessions and beverages will be available.

February 1: SOCIAL NIGHT! Dewey´s. 5 pm. Come lounge with your favourite beverage/snack, shoot some pool, and hang out.

February 10: ELECTIONS! Interested in being Exec? If so, email us with your interest ( If not, come anyways to vote! 5 pm. Education South 176.

OUTlaw event:

January 28: LECTURE by Dr. Gary Kinsmen, “Heterosexism, Law and National Security in the Canadian War on Queers”. 12 – 1:30 pm. Law Centre Room 237.


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