In 2002/03, the U of A Women’s Centre Collective helped bring in speakers Inga Muscio, author of “Cunt”, and Julia Query, maker of the film “Live Nude Girls Unite!” as well as planning a week of discussions and workshops around the theme of menstruation.

2003 – 2004 was a big year for the Women’s Centre Collective. September was a flurry of activity as we prepared for our opening. By the time we opened our doors on October 3rd, we had created a comfortable space with a solid resource section and the beginnings of an administrative structure. We celebrated with a “Pink Tea” open house, which provided a great opportunity for us to connect with the campus community and get word out about who we are and what we do. Women’s Centre events this year included a performance by sexual heath educator Norman Nawrocki, as well as various workshops on sexual and menstrual health including another successful Menstrual Week.

 In 2004 – 2005, the Centre presented the talk “Jane Doe Speaks” by sexual assault activist and complainant in Jane Doe v. the Metropolitan Police. During her precedent setting case she fought to expose the gross negligence with which her rape case was handled and sought to link this misconduct with wider systemic issues of sexism with in the police force. Her 11 year struggle with the police and justice system has been eloquently related in her highly celebrated memoir The Story of Jane Doe.  The Centre also organized a Take Back the Night march in October “ To Remember Those We’ve Lost in the Past, Show Support for Those in the Present, and Regain the Streets for the Future.”  In February, the Centre hosted Stand Up and Speak: An Evening of Spoken Word Poetry, a dynamic evening of spoken word performances. The night featured Victoria’s Lisa B and Edmonton’s T.L. Cowan in an open mic session.  Along with Medical Students for Choice, the Women’s Centre Collective proudly presented a screening of the winner of the 1999 Columbus International Film & Video Festival: Sister Secrets.  The Centre also took part in the Women’s Health & Sexuality Film Festival, which presented three films: Ikajurti, the Helper: Midwifery in the Canadian Arctic, Heroines: The photographic obsession of Lincoln Clarkes,  and The Naked Feminist.

 2005 – 2006: In September, the Centre organized another successful Take Back the Night march


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