Working Groups

Through providing logistical support, funding, meeting space and office resources for working groups, the U of A Women’s Centre Collective strives to act as a conduit through which local activists can network in the interests of building a broader women’s and feminist community.

Pro-Choice, My Choice

A pro-choice group on campus that promotes reproductive choice for all women. All women should have the right to make informed decisions about their reproductive health. No one should have the ability to force a woman into any decision about her body or sexuality. Contact us at for more information or to get involved, or visit our forum.

Dino Distro

The Centre houses the Dino Distro, a place where independently minded women can find independently published feminist literature. The Distro is a working group of the Centre, and so it also serves as a spot for feminist zine-makers to share ideas and distribute their work.

Campus Association of Disability Issues

An advocacy group whose objective is to de-stigmatize the prevalent attitudes and promote awareness surrounding disability.

Take Back the Night

A group of women and men who organize the annual Take Back the Night march, bringing together women’s groups across the city to connect on the common issue of violence against women and children.

Starting a Working Group

Anyone can start a working group around a project, event or idea. We can offer funding, meeting space, organizing resources and administrative support all the way through. Our volunteers and coordinator are always here to chat about ideas you might have and help you find ways to make them happen.


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