ProChoice, MyChoice


  1. Hi everyone! This is former Women’s Studier Natalie just writing to say a quick hello and invite you to some events happening around town in the near future. Here at the Bissell Centre I am constantly hearing about wonderful things happening in the community, many of them relevant to the women’s studies community (who will always have my heart <3! There is a Coalition Meeting at OPTIONS, April 7 at 5:00 PM (9912 – 106 Street). This meeting is to expand the network of OPTIONS and discuss pro-choice advocacy and the future of abortion doctors in Edmonton. All Women's Studiers, Professors and the like are welcome to attend! Please pass along to Voices members, etc.

    Another important event is the Sexual Exploitation Week of Awareness, put on by the Sexual Explotation Working Group. It is from March 15-19!! Volunteers are needed to hand out fliers on March 13 from 12-2PM. If you are interested in assisting, email Sarah @
    Check it out below and spread the word !

    More to come! miss you all very much.

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